Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I surprised Pyf and for our 5-yr anniversary last month (5-yrs, can you believe that?!) we spent just short of a week in Yellowstone and Big Sky, Montana. It was fabulous! We went to both places as part of our honeymoon and it was so great to go back. We hiked, shopped, ate, slept in, and did a whole lot of relaxing! I think we just might quit our jobs and our "real lives" and just go back stay! If only.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blogging...what's that?
To write entries in, add material to, or maintain a weblog.

...I had to remind myself.
Notice the word m a i n t a i n.

My bad.

Nothin much new going on with us.
I did get a new nickname, though...
A friend from work has started calling me "P-Y-fer" like "P-wifer" or "P-wyfer", whatever.
I thought it was pretty funny.
Adding it to my list of "Wyf of Pyf" and just plain "Wyfer".

Here's a nice video taken of NightNight in January (since I bailed on getting one posted when I first talked about them a while back!)

Love it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

My awesome cousin, Meg, just posted a great video over on her blog. She then asked what everyone else's favorite You Tube video "of all time" is. I've seen a lot of good ones, but this is definitely one of my favorites.

Happy (almost) Weekend!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

As of late

(the past month)
shows, shows, and more shows...
donuts and sister-in-laws to make us happy...
game night with good friends and
finally taking down christmas...
hanging out in park city- including 2 bites of steak for $15 bucks...
sweet seats at the jazz game- and dinner at crown burger to get free parking...

good times.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

By Author Unknown to an Unknown Medical Facility

As you pick up that chart today and scan that green Medicaid card, I hope you will remember what I am about to say.
I spent yesterday with you. I was there with my mother and father. We didn't know where we were supposed to go or what we were supposed to do, for we had never needed your services before. We have never before been labeled charity.
I watched yesterday as my dad became a diagnosis, a chart, a case number, a charity case labeled "no sponsor" because he had no health insurance.
I saw a weak man stand in line, waiting for five hours to be shuffled through a system of impatient office workers, a burned-out nursing staff and a budget-scarce facility, being robbed of any dignity and pride he may have had left. I was amazed at how impersonal your staff was, huffing and blowing when the patient did not present the correct form, speaking carelessly of other patients' cases in front of passersby, of lunch breaks that would be spent away from this "poor man's hell."
My dad is only a green card, a file number to clutter your desk on appointment day, a patient who will ask for directions twice after they've been mechanically given the first time. But, no, that's not really my dad. That's only what you see.
What you don't see is a cabinetmaker since the age of 14, a self-employed man who has a wonderful wife, four grown kids (who visit too much), and five grandchildren (with two more on the way) - all of whom think their "pop" is the greatest. This man is everything a daddy should be - strong and firm, yet tender, rough around the edges, a country boy, yet respected by prominent business owners.
He's my dad, the man who raised me through thick and thin, gave me away as a bride, held my children at their births, stuffed a $20 bill into my hand when times were tough and comforted me when I cried. Now we are told that before long cancer will take this man away from us.
You may say these are the words of a grieving daughter lashing out in helplessness at the prospect of losing a loved one. I would not disagree. Yet I would urge you not to discount what I say. Never lose sight of the people behind your charts. Each chart represents a person - with feelings, a history, a life - whom you have the power to touch for one day by your words and actions. Tomorrow it may be your loved one - your relative or neighbor - who turns into a case number, a green card, a name to be marked off with a yellow marker as done for the day.
I pray that you will reward the next person you greet at your station with a kind word or smile because that person is someone's dad, husband, wife, mother, son, or daughter - or simply because he or she is a human being, just as you are.

We got this story in our emails today at work and, after reading it, I was close to tears! I work for a medical supply company so the story especially rings true to each of us here. But, more importantly, it’s a good reminder that we should always be living by The Golden Rule.

Hope you're all having a happy day!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

and if you didn't already notice, there actually is no video.
i was having technical difficulties with it.

check em out on facebook...
for now.

New favorite band of 2009: NightNight

...and I'm not just sayin new favorite local band- even though they are local..
...and pyf's a part of it...

I'm sayin seriously one of my favorite bands of all time, ever.

S-o- G-o-o-d.

Here's a little snip-it. (Excuse the video quality.)

Come check em out!

Sat., Jan. 9th
Velour Live Music Gallery
135 N. University Ave, Provo
8:00 pm

Sunday, December 6, 2009


-Wednesday 12/2-

11:35pm ish- Return home from Velour- Pyf was doing sound for the Local Natives (from CA- loved them!), Desert Noises (love them too), etc. Although it's late and we're ready for bed, I've still got some things to do- like baking some pumpkin bars for a meal I'm taking to some friends the next day.

We get out of the car and I hear a beeping noise- not super loud.
Me: "Do you hear that? Where's it coming from?"
Pyf: "It's probably just coming from someone's car or something.."

Walk past our front window and up to the door- beeping gets louder.

Open door- beeping is coming from our house.

What we find: It's the carbon monoxide detector that we asked our landlord to install about a month ago after hearing about the scary situation down by BYU where several girls got carbon monoxide poisoning (one of them being my brother's friend).

Beeping is still going. I'm standing by the front door trying to figure out what to do. Pyf heads upstairs to check it out- Finds the instructions for the detector which say to press the re-start button and, if it goes off again within 6 minutes, high carbon monoxide levels are really being detected and to call "your emergency services".

Pyf says to wait a few mins and see what happens. He takes a bathroom break- I'm still scared to death standing by the front door. The bathroom break is taking a while and, although the beeping hasn't started again...

11:41pm- I call the police dept in hopes that they can ease my fears. The dispatcher asks if we're feeling ok (yes, we just barely walked in the door) and if we could smell any gas or anything (no, CO is odorless, colorless, etc)!

After about 1.5 mins on the phone, the alarm goes off again. She gets our info and says she'll send someone out.

Pyf emerges from the b-room. Goes upstairs to open some windows and takes the batteries out of the detector (since it's almost midnight and we don't want to wake up the whole neigborhood!)

2 mins later..a cop speeds around the corner (he was just chillin a street over). Asks if we're feeling alright and if we could smell anything (again- yes..and no. We think he was confused thinking about propane or something?) He tells us to stay outside while we wait for the paramedics and firemen (cop tells us that they all must respond to calls).. Since it's freeezing outside, he offers that we can sit in his car, but we're ok for the time being.

3 mins later...we hear sirens and start thinking- is that for us?? (Our neighbors are seriously going to hate us- especially those with small children!) The sirens are turned off as soon as they hit the neighborhood (thank goodness) and we see the lights coming from the next street over...

Problem: The ambulance has stopped at 730 E 1700 S instead of 1720 S. Cop starts talking smack about the paramedics (lovingly!)- it takes them a good 7 mins to finally get around the corner to our place! (The whole time their lights were still on- We're hoping they didn't wake the older couple that lives there and give them a heart attack!)

Fire truck arrives shortly after the paramedics. All 5-6 guys (cop, paramedics, firemen) tell us to stay outside as they head in (to our disaster of a house- so embarrassing)! I think it was the firemen that had the gear to check the CO levels. They walk around upstairs and downstairs and find that the levels are above normal, but nothing super bad supposedly (they were fine walking around in there for a bit- some of it had aired out I guess b/c Pyf had opened the windows)...

After a bit, they tell us we're ok to go inside- We walk downstairs with them as they check a couple things in the kitchen. (Ambulance and firetruck lights are still on- and we notice a couple of our neighbors lights have now turned on. Great.) They commend us for calling them and told us we "did the right thing". They tell us that the levels are high enough that they want Questar (gas) to come out. They tell us to head back outside (where it's probably 23 degrees! ahhh)..

They close up all the windows so Questar can get an accurate reading when they come. They follow us outside and we chat and wait. (They were all the nicest guys! I had to apologize that we didn't even make our bed that day! They reassured me that our house was nothin compared to many of the places they've seen. I wish I had had some pumpkin bars to give them! We also joked as I offered that they take a bag of tortilla chips that were just sitting there in our family room in a pile of grocery bags that had yet to be unloaded from earlier. Lovely.)

They tell us we need to wait outside until the on-call Questar guy shows up- which could be up to an hour! We debate about what we're going to do and decide to just chill (chill- get it? ha!) in the car. The "emergency services" get ready to leave and I have Pyf grab a second coat for me and my slippers, then we head to the car.

Probably 30 mins later, the shaggy bleached hair Questar man arrives. He heads into the house with Pyf and starts testing around. He finds there is definitely something goin on...

Long story short (ha!): He says that when the CO starts to get at a high level it is around 250 ppm (parts per minute?) or something. (I still don't fully understand all of the terminology but) he says ours is reading at 4,000 ppm and, "if you hadn't caught this or just ignored the alarm, you may not have woken up in the morning."


They open all the windows again to clear the place out. He says that the water heater is the main source of the problem. He begins making tags to leave on the appliances with issues so a "heating specialist" can come out and get everything fixed. He recommends that we call our landlord first thing in the morning so we can get everything worked out. He gets a signature from Pyf and wishes us a good rest of the night.

2am ish: Questar man heads out to his truck to leave. Pyf comes to get me in the car and, at that point, I'm not really sure what's going on- if we were going to be able to sleep at home or what. Pyf explains everyting and tells me that everything is ok. He had walked around the house with the guy before he left who showed him that all the levels were back down to 0 and he had turned the gas off. Pyf reassures me that, with the gas off, nothing can happen.

I'm still kinda freaked out and am debating whether I want to sleep out on the lawn in a tent! I finally come to my senses and trust that everything will be ok.

I try to wash my face while we still have a bit of warm water and we finally get to bed around 2:15.

The next day, we called our landlord and thanked him for installing the CO detector promptly as we had requested. He came over with a "heating specialist" later on in the day and got everything fixed. I guess the water heater needed to be completely cleaned out and also the flue on the roof was pretty smashed down, leaving little room for any of the heat (or whatever it is that comes from the water heater and the furnace!) to escape.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the rather round heating man in his blue jumpsuit whistle "Frere Jacques" about a million times over and over as he worked. It was a good end to a pretty crazy 12 hours. He told us that Questar will be coming out again to follow-up.

Lessons learned:
1. Make sure your house is always atleast somewhat presentable because you never know who might be coming over.
2. Everyone must, I repeat..MUST, have a carbon monoxide detector!

The End.

(bummed that I didn't get a picture of our "emergency
services" friends! My camera was inside...)

Friday, November 20, 2009



Monday, November 16, 2009

saturday we had a fun day/evening up in salt lake. pyf had
to go up to do some music stuff so i decided
it'd be fun to go with him and just mess around up
there while he 'worked' (actually- with music-
i'd say it was more like play!)..

i didn't really know where i was gonna go- thought about
heading to the gateway or, even better, finding some
cool boutiques or antique shops, but i wasn't really prepared
for that as far as looking up places ahead of time- plus
i don't really know my way around slc so that coulda
been bad! i ended up driving a few blocks down and over
from where pyf was and ended up at trolley square! i spent
a few hours just browsing and found:

this at banana republic
(myspace picture all the way! ha! didn't buy it b/c even
on sale it was too expensive- but wanted a picture b/c maybe
i can recreate it?? love the color and the pleat things at top.)

and this cute idea on an oversized ottoman/coffee table at
pottery barn (i think it'd be fun for christmas!)

then for date night...

stop 1: the blue iguana for dinner (1st time there- we loved it!)
stop 2: temple square and the museum of church history and art

good day (bad pictures!)..
we love weekends!